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Plaza Events Policy

To ensure the quality of events we provide, a rain location or rain date must be assigned in connection with any event using the Plaza. A rain call will be made, in writing, 24 hours prior to the event. A rain call states whether the event will be held outdoors as planned or if the event will use the rain location/rain date instead.

For safety concerns, the facility retains the right to cancel any outdoor event using electrical power due to inclement weather.

Campus Life Centers can provide the following furniture for outdoor events:

  • 2 pieces of staging against the side of the building
  • 6 (6ft) tables
  • Up to 50 white chairs (1 rack)
  • 6 round tables

Any needs beyond the above described must be rented. All costs associated will be charged to the event organizer.

Light Tower

The Light Tower will need to be in place and set up a half hour prior to your event and allotted an extra half hour after the event for breakdown. Total cost is calculated by the Electrical Department.

Plaza Grounds Policy

The monitoring and cleanup of garbage and other debris is required for the Student Activities Center Plaza. It is important that this area is kept clean at all times. Grounds Services are required for all events that take place on the SAC Plaza. The Campus Life Centers custodial staff can monitor the area during typical daily University traffic. The Campus Life Centers custodial contractor will need to be scheduled to monitor the SAC Plaza areas during events. Events in the Plaza fall into one of three scenarios based on event activity and headcount. Please submit a Request for Outdoor Grounds at least four weeks in advance to your event. An account number, check or purchase number is due at the time of request.

Grounds/Custodial Rates
SAC Plaza
Staff Rate

Custodial Staff

Total Staffing
Hourly Rate

Scenario A 0 - 149 $32/hr None --
Scenario B 0 - 149 $32/hr 1 $32/hr
Scenario C 150 - 400 $32/hr 2 $64/hr
Scenario D 401+ $32/hr 3 $96/hr

Scenario A: If the expected attendance for your event is under 150 people there is no need for additional coverage charge. The existing staff can monitor the areas.

Scenario B: If the expected attendance for your event is under 150 people and you are serving food or distributing literature, a custodial staff is needed to monitor the areas.

Scenario C: If the event is between 150 and 400 people, two additional staff is required to adequately monitor the areas.

Scenario D: If the expected attendance for your event is over 400, three additional staff is required.

Custodial staff will need to be in place and set up one hour prior to your event and stay one hour after the event. Total cost will depend on the duration time of the event, plus this 1-hour setup and 1-hour cleanup.

Barbeques & Grills

Permission to use a grill must be made in writing to the Director of Campus Life Centers prior to the event. Grills are not permitted within 50 feet of the Student Activities Center.