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Food & Catering


Alcohol service is subject to the Stony Brook University Alcohol Policy. Organizers must complete and submit the "Special Request to Cater Alcohol" to the Reservations Office at least four weeks in advance. All requests to serve alcohol and approvals must be documented in 25Live Reports. Permission to serve alcoholic beverages is granted by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Campus Dining service is suggested for all events serving alcohol. Caterers other than contracted Stony Brook University dining services must obtain a copy of the caterers' Temporary Site Liquor License/Permit (granted by the New York State Liquor Authority). A copy of the License/Permit must be submitted to the Reservations Office one week prior in advance.

NY State Law requires servers of alcohol to post the liquor licenses during the event. Groups are responsible for ensuring that alcohol remains within the approved premises. Please call University Police or the Director of Campus Life Centers if you notice alcoholic beverages served without proper approval.

Please be advised that the University's Alcohol Policy has been updated, effective August 2019. This policy now has specific rules for alcohol sales at athletic venues and covers: wristbands, purchase limitations, venue rules, and first & last calls. To view the policy, please click here.


Food Permits

Caterers other than contracted Stony Brook University dining services must obtain a food permit approved by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. Food permits are required for all events with an attendance of more than 19 where prepared foods will be served. Food permits must be submitted to EH&S at least two weeks prior to the event. Approved permits must be returned to the Reservations Office or Program Advisor at least  7 days prior to the event. All groups must have a copy of the approved food permit at their event. Failure to provide an approved food permit by the day of your event will result in the inability to serve food at the event. Caterers must abide by Stony Brook University's exclusive contract with Pepsi Cola by using only Pepsi Cola company products where applicable. 

All Food Permits and Food Safety forms can be found on the Environmental Health & Safety website.

Any group wishing to distribute homemade goods (including for fundraising events) must complete the Public Event Notification Form, in addition to having an approved Food Permit.  All events which have homemade goods must also display the Home Prepared Food Sign.


Interior Gas/Butane Operated Cooking Units

The use of propane or butane cooking stoves are not permitted outside designated cooking areas.