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New Student Checklist


✓   Did you send in documentation?

Download documentation forms HERE

Please call 631-632-6748 or email if you have any questions about the documentation required. Send in a intake form and proper documentation of your disability and accommodations requested to:

Student Accessibility Support Center
128 Educational Communications Center


✓   Mathematics Assessment: Visit

In order to enroll in a mathematics course, or a course with a mathematics prerequisite, all new students must demonstrate the appropriate level of mathematics proficiency. This is done by taking a proctored mathematics exam or its equivalent (appropriate transfer credit, AP scores, etc.) New students must take the proctored exam prior to their scheduled orientation.

If you require an accommodation for the assessment you will need to take it at DSS.

Appointments can be made by contacting us at 631-632-6748.

In order to provide accommodations SASC must receive and review your Documentation.

Download documentation forms HERE

✓   Register for Classes at Orientation

Be sure to schedule time between classes if you will need extended time for exams


✓   Did you meet with your SASC counselor?

EVERY SEMESTER come in to SASC to meet with a counselor as soon as you have been to all your classes and know your professors’ names. Bring your syllabus for each class. You will be filling out an accommodation request form to generate a letter to each professor that explains your accommodations.

✓   Did you set up appointments to speak individually with each of your professors to discuss your accommodations?

Remember, if you have testing accommodations; discuss how your professors want you to alert them to send each test to SASC.

✓   Did you review our pages on Eligibility and Helpful Tips for detailed information on arranging accommodations?


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