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Accommodation and Services

Academic Accommodations

Each semester, students must give their written permission for SASC to send letters to their professors stating the specific accommodations being requested. Be sure to make appointments with both counselors and professors early each semester to discuss your individual needs.

Services for Students with Vision and Hearing Impairments

Assistance can be provided in locating note takers, readers, and interpreters through the SASC office. Please be sure to allow SASC sufficient time to make necessary arrangements.

Housing Accommodations

There are limited housing spaces available for accommodations and priority will be given to individuals who qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Documentation is reviewed on the order that it is received. All disabilities must be documented on the specified housing forms found on our website by a licensed and board certified provider with the expertise in the area of diagnosis.

‘Please note that providing the university with medical or support information does not guarantee a recommendation of a special housing accommodation request. The Student Accessibility Support Center will review in situations where the documentation clearly demonstrates that the accommodation is a medical necessity.

Students who wish to request a housing accommodation will need to complete and submit the Documentation for Residence Hall Room Adjustments forms for accessible housing and other disability related accommodations (Not single room) .

Choose Documentation for Medical Single requests ONLY for students with severe disabilities that prohibit their living with a roommate. A recommendation from SASC for the Accommodation of a Single room is subject to renewal each semester as needed unless waived by your SASC counselor.

Please note the desire to have a quiet, undisturbed place to study, for example, is insufficient to warrant a special housing accommodation.

Housing requests should be made as soon as the student has decided to attend or prior to room selection. Students requesting housing accommodations through the SASC Office must do so in addition to following all regular housing procedures by the established deadlines. The intake and special housing forms can be either mailed or faxed. Once documentation has been sent we encouraged you to call our office to follow-up regarding the receipt of documentation.

SASC staff works with Campus Residences to provide accessible housing and to address any issues related to accessibility and accommodations in the residence halls. Details about the types of housing options available on campus can be found on the Campus Residences website 

In order to determine eligibility the student must meet/ speak with a counselor at the Student Accessibility Support Center and provide an explanation with examples of how the disabling condition impacts their daily life impacting their ability to live in standard housing.

When a recommendation is made to Campus Residences they are not advised of your diagnosis. Information about the diagnosis and treatment of your condition remains confidential. It is entirely your choice to share or not share this information.

In order to best meet your needs it would be best if documentation is submitted by the following dates:

Incoming new students:

May 15th for the Fall Semester
December 15th for the Spring semester

Returning students:

March 15th for the Summer and Fall Semesters
December 15th for the Spring Semester

While applications submitted after these dates will be accepted and considered, we cannot guarantee that Campus Residences will be able to meet late applicants’ accommodation needs.

Meal Plan Accommodations

As a general rule, incoming students are placed in residence halls based on their college of interest. The Undergraduate Colleges are made up of buildings that offer both non cooking and cooking facilities. Some buildings require participation in the meal plan.

Campus Dining offers many options and is capable of accommodating many different dietary needs. Occasionally, however, students have special dietary needs based on documented health conditions which may affect their ability to participate in the dining program. Students who wish to request a meal plan accommodation should complete and submit the Documentation for Residence Hall Room Adjustments to SASC.

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