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About DSS

Stony Brook is a large campus in both size and population, with over 24,000 students. The University provides tremendous opportunities for academic, cultural and social activities. Adjusting to college life and its academic demands requires advisement, support and a great deal of information. We suggest that prospective students plan a visit to campus. Please contact Disability Support Services before your visit to schedule an appointment with a member of our staff.

Disability Support Services (DSS) assists students with disabilities in accessing the many resources of the University. Individuals with visual, mobility and hearing impairment as well as those with hidden disabilities such as chronic medical conditions, psychological, and learning disabilities are invited to make use of the services and equipment available. Individuals with permanent or temporary disabilities are also encouraged to consult with DSS. The DSS staff is here to support your interactions with faculty, staff and community agencies.

Students are responsible for registering with DSS for accommodations. Unlike high school, students need to self-advocate. This means being able to communicate your needs and discuss your accommodations with faculty. Students must follow the DSS procedure for testing accommodations. Students are responsible for making all testing arrangements with both DSS and the faculty. Come talk to a DSS counselor and we'll review the most effective methods of working with the faculty. We are interested in your success and can offer advice and referrals.

Disability Support Services is located in the Educational Computing Center (ECC) building, location D5 on the campus map.

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