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Mission, Core Values & Goals


The Offices and Departments that comprise the Division of the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students advocate for student needs and provide services, support and coordination for co-curricular programs to help cultivate and develop community, individual growth, wellness, inclusion and leadership.

Core Values:

Recognizing that much learning occurs beyond the physical boundaries of the classroom, we dedicate ourselves to maximizing the fullest potential of both the individual and the campus community.  As such, we have identified these core values which will serve as a foundation for the work we do and the services we provide.

  • The mission of the University is supported by an environment which promotes health, wellness, campus pride, celebrates history and cultivates new traditions.
  • By providing purposeful experiences, we believe students will become active members of the campus community, lifelong learners, and productive members of society.
  • Student development is strengthened by advocating, mentoring, advising, role modeling and providing opportunities for active learning.
  • Student academic success and retention is enhanced by involvement, engagement and leadership opportunities as well as by maintaining the mental and physical health of the student.
  • An open, just, respectful, diverse and caring campus community helps engender a sense of belonging.
  • Collaboration and cooperation are essential to achieving individual and institutional goals.
  • The community is best served by open discourse.
  • Principles of good management,  leadership and motivation  are critical in the development of competent and dedicated  staff and for ultimately  providing efficient and effective services
  • Our facilities are primarily provided for the safe, enjoyable and purposeful interaction of our students.  Our ability to provide exceptional programs and services is predicated upon having suitable facilities, technology and resources.
  • Efforts to assess and evaluate individual and programmatic effectiveness improve and guide practice and service delivery.



  1. Fostering learning and promoting academic success
  2. Advocating for and coordinating outreach to support a diverse student body
  3. Creating opportunities for involvement and leadership
  4. Enhancing campus life and promoting a sense of community
  5. Promoting school spirit and campus pride
  6. Promoting cross-cultural competence
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