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Department of Student Community Development

Houses & Accessory Apartments

Submit a Rental Listing

Please note that Stony Brook University ONLY lists legal units, in accordance with local town rental codes. You MUST obtain a rental permit for your unit prior to submitting this form. Please have your permit ready as you will need to provide a copy to our office. Upon completion of the "Submit a Rental Listing" form, you will be directed to information about payment. Listings cost $45 for 60 days.

If you do not have a town permit, you will need to contact your local township. A representative from your township will be able to review the necessary steps to obtain a permit.

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Landlord Information

Address of Landlord

Address of landlord will not be shown on listings. This is for in-house use only.

Address of Unit

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Rental Permit (Required)

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Additional Information

Please tell us how you were referred to Stony Brook Off Campus Housing

Please read the following statement and confirm your compliance:

I certify that this accommodation is made available regardless of race, sex, age, level of education, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual preference, disability, marital status, or veteran status. Discrimination of these kinds in connection with the sale or rental of residential real estate is prohibited by Federal, State and Local laws. (If you have any questions regarding housing discrimination, please visit the Long Island Housing Services website at

The Office of Commuter Student Services and Off-Campus Living reserves the right – in its sole discretion – to retract/remove listings at any time as it deems appropriate and will provide a notification to the listing party and a prorated refund for the balance of time remaining for that listed item.

I understand that if a student becomes a tenant in these premises, the Office of Commuter Student Services and Off-Campus Living assumes no obligation for damages or payment of rent, and that sanctions will not be employed to assure payment of financial obligation or to resolve differences between tenants and landlords except as noted above. Additionally, the University does not become a party to private landlord-tenant matters, except in the case where there is more than one formal written complaint on file by more than one tenant or if there is eminent danger presented to all parties involved.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at (631) 632-6770 or