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Department of Student Community Development

Review Your Landlord

Your reviews can help others learn about the building/apartment, landlord/management and the neighborhood of their prospective rental. Provide honest feedback at Review My Landlord that you find relevant to a future tenants decision in choosing which rental to call their home.

What to Include: 

  • Facts (nobody likes a liar)
  • Constructive information that will help future tenants
  • Specific positive and/or negative aspects of your time spent living in the unit

What NOT to Include:

  • Inappropriate Content: Painting a picture with your words is fine, but please no threats, harassment, hate speech, or extreme language.
  • Hearsay: Your reviews must reflect your personal experience... not something you heard from someone else.
  • Private Information: Refrain from posting names (use "Landlord" instead), or photos of people without their consent
  • Conflicts of Interest: Your reviews should be objective. Do not write reviews on your own property or properties belonging to your friends.