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Department of Student Community Development

Non-Traditional Student Awards

The goal of the Non-Traditional Student/Adult Learner Awards is to recognize the contributions of our undergraduate students ages 24+. These awards serve as an opportunity to acknowledge the positive impact this particular demographic makes within their academic departments, the Stony Brook community, and/or their local/global communities, all while balancing the responsibilities they may have outside of the classroom.  


Matriculated undergraduates working towards a bachelors degree
24+ years of age or older
Minimum GPA of 2.5
Enrolled in the previous Fall & current Spring semesters

*self-nominations require a brief recommendation from a faculty/staff member. More details will be provided as self-nominees complete form. 

Nomination Categories:

Departmental Contributions:
Individuals who have demonstrated significant dedication to their academics. This could include their commitment both in and out of classroom, including but not limited to: classroom participation, research, internships, projects, etc.

Excellence in Leadership:
Individuals who have made significant contributions to the campus community, via student leadership. This category focuses on the student’s ability to “make their mark” as a Stony Brook student, in various capacities. Examples include, but are not limited to club involvement and/or leadership, peer education, on campus employment/internships, etc.

Outstanding Community Service:
Individuals who have made significant contributions in their local and/or global communities through service and volunteer work. Please note that this category is specifically geared towards contributions made off-campus.

Seawolf Spirit:
Those who always exemplify what it means to be a Seawolf, as seen through their enthusiasm for taking part in our college community.

To Apply: