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Fire Safety

Fight or flight...
 the most important decision to make is whether to fight the fire or escape. This is a critically important decision, and may literally mean the difference between life and death.

Fire Safety Checklist


Pedestrian Safety

  • Use a marked crosswalk and sidewalks when available.
  • Stop before proceeding across a roadway.
  • On roads without sidewalks, walk on the left, facing traffic.
  • When walking at night, wear something reflective* and/or carry a flashlight [get a free reflective vest from our office].
  • Do not use cellphones or other handheld devices at intersections  [pedestrians distracted by cellphones typically walk slower and this activity increases the likelihood of being involved in a motor vehicle accident].

 *Stop by our office (SAC 225) for a FREE REFLECTIVE VEST


Vehicle Safety

  • Remember to slow down when driving on campus.
  • Don't forget to watch for and yield to pedestrians.
  • Don't pass vehicles stopped at crosswalks.
  • Always take your key out of the door or ignition of your vehicle when not in use.
  • DO NOT drive while distracted  [the number one source of driver inattention is the use of wireless devices, participating in distracted driving makes up 25 percent of reported crashes].


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