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Commuter Student Services & Off Campus Living

Community Service

There are many benefits to giving back to your community.

  • Get to know your neighbors better
  • Positively contribute to the place you call home
  • Offer personal and leadership development
  • Add meaningful experiences to your resume, as you prepare for your next steps after graduation
To learn more about upcoming service projects, please visit the  Community Service and Service Learning  website.


Commuters for Causes

Living off-campus makes local community service projects easily accessible to commuter students. Help us recognize and congratulate commuter students who are participating in service projects/events, positively  contributing to the off-campus community, and making Stony Brook University proud! 

In return for great service to our community, our award recipient will be given a temporary monthly Stadium Permit, courtesy of Transportation and Parking. In the event that a student does not drive to campus, or already has a Stadium Permit, an alternate reward will be provided.

Click HERE for the nomination form!


Nominate a Neighbor

Would you like to thank a neighbor for welcoming you to the community? Fill out THIS FORM and we will send a certificate of appreciation on your behalf.

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