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Johns Hopkins Self Test

Should I Be Concerned?

There is no test you can take that will tell you if you definitely have a problem with alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. The following self test is used to help you become aware of problems you may have as a direct result of substance misuse.

Answer the questions truthfully. "Yes" answers may indicate areas of concern or potential problems. If you have any questions about your own use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, or are concerned about a friend, please seek help from the Student Health Service on Stadium Road, Stony Brook University or call (631) 632-6450.

1. Have you gotten into financial difficulties as a result of drinking or use of other drugs?
2. Is alcohol or other drug use making your college life unhappy?
3. Do you use alcohol or other drugs because you are shy around other people?
4. Has drinking or other drug use ever caused conflicts with close friends?
5. Has drinking alcohol or using other drugs ever damaged any friendships?
6. Has alcohol or other drug use ever caused you to lose a job? indirectly?
7. Do you lose time from school due to drinking and/or drugging?
8. Has alcohol or other drug use ever interfered with your preparation for exams?
9. Has your efficiency decreased since drinking and/or using other drugs?
10. Do you drink or use other drugs to escape from worries or trouble?
11. Is your drinking/drugging jeopardizing your academic performance?
12. Do you drink or use other drugs to build up your self-confidence?
13. Has your ambition decreased since drinking and/or drugging?
14. Does drinking or using other drugs cause you to have difficulty sleeping?
15. Have you ever felt remorse after drinking and/or using other drugs?
16. Do you ever drink or use drugs alone?
17. Do you crave a drink or a drug at a particular time of day?
18. Do you want a drink or drug in the morning after using the night before?
19. Have you ever had a complete loss of memory as a result of drinking or drugging?
20. Is drinking or using other drugs affecting your reputation?
21. Do you seek out drinking/drugging companions and drinking/drugging environments?
22. Have you ever been medically treated for alcohol or other drug use?
23. Do other people ever say you are drinking too much?
24. Have you tried to cut down your alcohol and other drug use, but failed to do so?
25. Do any of your family members have an alcohol or other drug problem?

Adapted from Johns Hopkins’ self-scoring test, “Am I an Alcoholic?” and “A College Student Self-Test”, 
from the University of Michigan.