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Join the Green Team!

The Center for Prevention and Outreach (CPO) is seeking students interested in  educating and engaging members of the campus community on the issues of sexual and relationship violence prevention and bystander intervention. The name “Green Team” stems from the large role students play in supporting and promoting our campus Green Dot trainings, in addition to other prevention and outreach efforts. 
CPO offers volunteer and both one-semester and full year (two-semester) internship opportunities.
Green Team volunteers commit to assisting with outreach and educations efforts throughout the semester, and gain valuable leadership, communication and outreach skills and experience. This is a great way to get involved and make a difference even if you only have a few hours here and there to help. Volunteering can also be a way of learning more about CPO and what we do if you are considering applying for the internship.
Those interested in the academic internship identify a faculty advisor and register through an academic department for up to 3 credits of internship for each semester. Students are required to dedicate 4 hours each week to CPO for each credit of internship the are pursuing (12 hours per week for a 3 credit internship) which provides meaningful professional experiences and context to the student’s academic pursuits. These hours are a mix of seminar-style classroom instruction, group discussion, and outreach activities. Throughout the semester/academic year, Green Team interns have the opportunity to take on increasingly sophisticated programming responsibilities as their knowledge and skills advance. Green Team Flyer

Green Team Volunteers & Interns will be able to:

  • Assist professional staff with Green Dot training. 
  • Promote social responsibility and bystander engagement through outreach events and activities.
  • Enhance public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Build academic and professional relationships and networks.
  • Expand their professional repertoire and develop their resume.
  • Make a difference and change the world!
  • Join now!

Join now!

In order to apply for the internship, students must have completed Green Dot training. For more information or to get involved, please reach out to Christine Szaraz (