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Peer Education Opportunities


Peer Educators

Important Deadlines:

  • You must register for one imformational session occurring between March 1st-March 11th
  • Application are accepted from March 15th- March 26th at 5pm
  • Interviews are from Arpil 20th - April 30th
  • Final decisions will be made the week of May 3rd


Alcohol and Other Drugs Internships:

Red Watch Band Care Team and  Substance Abuse and Prevention Internship

The mission of the substance abuse and prevention members is to provide students of the college community with the knowledge, awareness, and skills to prevent toxic drinking deaths and to promote a student culture of kindness, responsibility, compassion and respect. Interns will achieve this mission by hosting Red Watch Band trainings, Alcohol and other drugs tabling and workshops along with trivia nights. 

Violence Intervention, Prevention & Relationship Education (VIPRE) Internships:

VIPRE, The Green Team, and One Love Internships

VIPRE focuses on researching different forms of sexual & interpersonal violence, and promoting general awareness and education events around VIPRE topics and resources. Interns will concentrate on research, program planning, resource development, assessment, and collaboration. Green Dot is a strategy for preventing forms of power-based personal violence, such as rape and sexual assault, relationship violence, harassment, and stalking. The Green Team will assist with Green Dot trainings and bystander intervention strategies. One Love is a peer-led discussion which examines unhealthy relationship behaviors and the ways social media skew our view of the relationships around us, including our own. One Love interns will f ocus on facilitating, assisting with and marketing One Love workshops and awareness regarding healthy relationships and signs of abuse.

Healing Arts Internships: Healing Arts emphasizes incorporating self-care and mindfulness in our everyday lives. Interns will develop creative activities for self-care, strategies for coping, and promote connections & wellness.


Physical and Sexual Health Internships:

Health Education Internships:

Interns participate in a weekly class and assist with educational tabling, “guerrilla” outreach, the Protect Your Health Workshops (STD Prevention, Flu Prevention, COVID Prevention, Nutrition, and Health in College), and events aimed at educating the campus community about physical health and promoting safe sex behaviors and sexual health. Additionally, the interns research and create educational workshops on a “health” topic of their choice, for instance, sleep hygiene, disordered eating, and sexual wellness.


Mental Health Internships:

Chill., Global Minds Alliance (GMA), Minds Matter (MM)

Interns participate in class on a weekly basis and do both virtual and in person "guerrilla" outreach.  Our peer educators focus on mental wellness and contribute to creating a safe, healthy, and connected campus environment through prevention, early intervention, education, advocacy, and outreach work.     

Minds Matter Outreach Team: Members of Mind Matter assist with mental health educational tabling and “guerilla” outreach aimed at supporting the entire student body.

Mental Health Marketing Intern: Serves as a liaison to the CPO Marketing Team and plans social media posts centered around mental health and mindfulness. 

CHILL Interns: CHILL interns develop and present programs and workshops aimed at supporting the mental health needs of students.

Global Minds Alliance Intern: GMA interns engage students with educational programs and workshops aimed at supporting global student needs and combat acculturative stress.

Global Minds Alliance Outreach Team: The GMA Outreach team assists with educational tabling and “guerilla” outreach aimed at supporting global students.