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Advanced Intrapersonal Mind

4 workshops designed to expand your awareness and knowledge about mental health topics that will improve your ability to support your overall mental wellness and success.

ACE Toxic Stress:The systems in which we are embedded, from our family system to the socioeconomic systems have a great impact on how we experience and express stress. Early adversity and trauma can lead to long term biological and psychological struggles. Come learn about how to recognize toxic stress in order to reduce stress, build responsive relationships and strengthen coping skills.

Differently Wired: Some of us process information at a different depth than others, get sensory overload more easily, or wonder whether they are "overly sensitive." Such processing may cause people to experience challenging interpersonal interaction. Come chat and understand a bit more about neurodiversity.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression: This workshop aims to empower students with a better understanding of some very common mental health issues among college students today. We will discuss what the U.S. Surgeon General has called a "mental health crisis" among young people, and identify commonalities and differences between stress, anxiety, and depression. We will also reflect on how culture impacts our emotional experiences. 

WTF is Self Care?:There are many misconceptions about self care and these misconceptions tend to control the narrative that Self Care is nothing more than “treating yourself”. Self Care is actually a key component to the success of any individual. Join us as we explore what self care is, why it's important and 7 different ways to practice self care.

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Attend all 4 workshops before end of Fall Semester and receive the AIM certificate and an invitation to the Upstander Award Ceremony!