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Medication Management

CAPS offers a team of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners to work with students that would benefit from medication to help manage mental health concerns. Students who are interested in receiving psychiatric services at CAPS should give us a call to discuss your individual needs.

Psychiatry sessions at CAPS are free, and medications are paid for by the student or are covered by insurance. Many of the prescriptions our psychiatric team provides are available in the Student Health Services pharmacy, with the exception of controlled substances. Because some insurance providers do not honor prescriptions written by doctors out of their network, some students may be referred to a local provider for medication management.

CAPS Psychiatry does not offer walk-in hours, and does not re-write prescriptions for students that have run out of refills from a prescriber at home. Students who need immediate psychiatric services are encouraged to contact their treatment provider, or go to their local emergency room, including Stony Brook CPEP

Stimulant Policy: In order to be eligible for the prescribing of stimulant medications (ex. Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta), a student will need to present a recent neuropsychological evaluation to CAPS for review by CAPS psychiatry. Students seeking such an evaluation can contact the Krasner Psychological Center at (631) 632-7830. Students who decline the evaluation can contact CAPS during regular business hours for an off-campus referral.