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Group Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is group? 
2. Why join group?
3. Who is group for?
4. How do I get started?
5. How does CAPS set up groups?
6. Are there any changes to group due to the coronavirus?

1. What is group therapy? 

Group therapy is a special type of therapy.  It typically includes 6-8 students and two therapists who meet together for approximately 1 hour each week.  It provides a safe and confidential space where you come together with others to share issues of concern, to better understand your own situation, and test out different ways of interacting with others. Group therapy helps people learn about themselves and improve their interpersonal relationships.  Some groups have a specific theme, and other groups cover more general issues.

2. Why join group therapy?

Group offers an opportunity for students to meet in a non-judgmental space to address important issues. It may help to improve awareness of yourself and others, improve your skills interacting with others, and help you feel more connected and not so alone with your concerns.

3. Who is group therapy for?

Group therapy is often a helpful option for students adjusting to college life, who may be feeling isolated or lonely, who have difficulties/discomfort in social situations, or students looking to find others that they can relate to and open up with.  All registered students, both undergraduate and graduate, are eligible to join group, with no session limit.

4. How do I get started?

Students must speak with a counselor before attending group; you can call (631) 632-6720 and ask to speak with a counselor about your group options. You will work collaboratively with the counselor to explore what group would be the best fit for you. Next, you would schedule a group screening appointment (approximately 30 minutes) where you can speak with the group therapist, ask any questions or address any concerns, and make sure you and the group are a good fit for one another. Once you’ve been invited to group, check out the Group Therapy Tips page to be best prepared.

5. How does CAPS set up groups?

We attempt to set group dates/times based on the time that works best for as many of the interested students as possible. Most groups do not form until several weeks into the semester. If you have an idea for or interest in a group that is not being offered, please contact us with your suggestion.  We are always forming new groups! Check out our current group offerings.

6. Are there any changes to group due to the coronavirus?

Because of the coronavirus, and to maintain social distancing, CAPS therapy groups are currently being offered through Zoom.

Questions? Call us.