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Group Therapy Offerings

Students have access to an array of virtual group therapy options at Stony Brook. 

Students may also decide they would benefit from other CAPS programs:

Please arrive 5 minutes early to all groups in order to maximize your time.  Please be aware when you join the Zoom meeting that you may be in the "waiting room" for a couple minutes before joining the call. This is due to the workshop leader making sure all technology and materials are prepared before beginning. We thank you for your patience!

If you are more than 5 minutes late to your scheduled workshop, you may not be admitted due to it being a disruption to other students.



Process Groups

A group for students to better learn who they are in the context of their relationships with others. The hope is for students to be able to talk openly about their interactions and experiences of others in the group. Through this, there can be newfound recognition of themselves by feedback and exploration. Group will include a set  group of members at a set day/time throughout the semester.

Undergraduate Student Process Group

Awareness of Self and Others

  • Unique opportunity for interpersonal exploration
  • Emotionally supportive environment
  • Support and feedback offered
  • Focus is typically on relationships, intimacy, boundaries, self-awareness and connection
Graduate Student Process Group

Awareness of Self and Others

  • Unique opportunity for interpersonal exploration
  • Emotionally supportive environment
  • Support and feedback offered
  • Focus is typically on relationships, intimacy, boundaries, self-awareness and connection 
Chaotic Backgrounds
  • A group for people from various chaotic backgrounds (e.g. physical, sexual, emotional abuse; battering relationships, bullying, neglect, urban violence, etc.)
  • A space to explore how these experiences impact development of problematic patterns
  • A safe environment to gain support and learn to cope with the aftermath of a chaotic background


A group of people with common experiences or concerns who provide each other with encouragement or support.  Can include set members or open enrollment.

**Some support groups may also have room to process thoughts, feelings, experiences and get feedback from other members.**

Women of Color Group
  • A space for women who want to explore and process their identity as a woman of color on the SBU campus
  • May be students who are coping with feeling that they are the "only" or one of a few on campus/in the classroom
  • A group for those seeking a sense of community with other women of color
  • No registration required, Wednesdays at 1 pm, Starting 2/16
  • Zoom link  
  • **Students must use SBU account to be admitted to Zoom meeting**
Men of Color Group
  • A group that provides safety and community to help-seeking self-identified men of color
  • Explore the stigmatization of mental health among men of color
  • Provides a space for men to be vulnerable without judgment
  • A group that empowers, supports and engages men of color
  • No registration required
Resident Assistant Support Group
  • Come and speak about the highs and lows of your RA experience in a  confidential space with people who can understand
  • No registration required

Early Recovery

  •  A support space for students struggling with addiction 
  • Build a community with others who are working towards sobriety and committed to change
  • Pre-screening meeting is required

Peace with Food and Body

  •  Weekly support group (with some psychoeducational components) for students who struggle with eating issues of any kind and/or struggle with poor body image.
  • The group is found on the principles of Health and At Size movement
  • Pre-screening meeting is required.

Medical Student Support

  •  A space for Medical students to find support from others dealing with similar experiences and navigating early professional life
  • No registration required, Thursdays at 5:45 pm

Undergraduate Support

  •  A space for undergraduate students to find support from others dealing with similar experiences and navigating life as an undergraduate student
  • Pre-screening meeting is required

Graduate Support

  •  A space for graduate students to find support from others dealing with similar experiences and navigating life as a graduate student
  • Pre-screening meeting is required

What's Next?

  • A group for students who have thought, "I thought I'd have more figured out by now?..."
  • Graduating seniors or other students feeling confused
  • Pre-screening meeting is required

LGBTQ* Support

  • Share what it's like to be LGBTQ* at SBU
  • Discuss topics such as family, coming out, exploring and naming your identity, dating and more...
  • Pre-screening meeting is required

ACOA Support

  • A support space for Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA)
  • Find a shared community of others who have grown up with a parent who is an Alcoholic
  • Pre-screening meeting is required

South Asian American Space  (SAAS) for Women 

  • A group for women who identify with South Asian or South Asian American background, either directly or through the South Asian diaspora.
  • Undergrads and Grad students welcome!
  • Group provides a safe place to express and explore thoughts, feelings and conflicts around identity, traumatic experiences, conflict with family members, and interpersonal experiences that are unique to the South Asian/South Asian American experience.
  • A strengths based approach is used to encourage thougthful discussion among group members with the goal of identifying ways to resolve issues, problems and conflicts.
  • Pre-ccreening meeting required.

Social Skills

  • Semi-structured space for students to connect with others who also struggle socially
  • Learn and practice new skills to more effectively navigate relationships
  • Pre-screening meeting is required

Student-Parent Support Space

  • For students, who are also parents, to find a space to connect with other parents
  • No registration required
  • Second Friday of every month, 9/10, 10/8, 11/12, 12/10 from 8-9 pm
  • Zoom link**Students must use SBU account to enter


A place for students with shared concerns/struggles to learn new tools to manage their concern.

Anxiety 101
  • Watch this 30-minute workshop video designed to help you better understand the difference between stress and anxiety, and how stress can actually be a good thing
  • Learn about different symptoms and triggers of anxiety so that you can identify them in your own life
  • Follow along using these handouts and this breathing exercise!
Wellness 101
  • 2 Session Workshop
  • Provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their unique needs as it relates to wellness and taking care of themselves
  • Students will independently create a unique self-care plan
  • Provides a space to connect with other students and find out what works, what doesn't work and how we can incorporate self-care and wellness into our routines in a realistic way
  • Registration required
  • Commitment to both workshops is required


(Building Relationship and DialoGue Effectiveness)

  • 3 50-minute workshops
  • Workshop to help with understanding and knowledge about how to build and maintain healthy, effective relastionships
  • Learn skills to build connection and intimacy, appropriate boundaries and deal with conflict resolution
  • Registration required
  • Commitment to all three workshops is required
Seeking Serenity
  • 3 50-minute workshops
  • Group for students with difficulty managing overwhelming emotion and low distress tolerance
  • DBT-informed
  • Registration required
  • Commitment to all three workshops is required
Anxiety Tool Box
  • 3 50-minute workshops
  • Learn how to better understand anxiety symptoms
  • Build skills to cope with anxiety
  • Registration required
  • Commitment to all three workshops required
RIO (Recognition-Insight-Openness)
  • 3 50-minute workshops
  • Learn how to get better understanding of your emotional distress
  • Build skills to recognize your concerns so you can address them
  • Registration  required
  • Commitment to all three workshops required
Finding Better Sleep
  • Four 50-minute meetings
  • Learn about developing better sleep routines
  • Build skills to improve overall your sleep and improve functioning
  • Registration required
  • Commitment to all four workshops required

Group Programming Outside of CAPS

Academic Success and Tutoring Center
  • The Academic Success and Tutoring Center offers a number of workshops focused on improving academic functioning
  • Students who find that their emotions get in the way of successful academic performance may benefit from a number of these workshops
  • Check out workshops!
Krasner Psychological Center

Parent Management Training

AD/HD Treatment group

Skills for Healthy Relationships group

Emotional Skills group

631-632-7830 or

Mind Body Center

(Putnam Hall South)

Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT) Skills group

  • Based on a concept that our biology and temperament influence social behaviors
  • Learn to identify how a perceived threat from social cues affects our bodies
  • Gain control over feelings of anxiety
  • Hone social skills
  • Practice Mindfulness Meditation skills
  • For college-aged adults ages 18-25
  • Phone screening and individual therapist required
  • Insurance accepted (No CIGNA or Marketplace, all others accepted) with copay
  • Contact Dr. Jennifer Kelusker ( or 631-632-8657)

Stress Resilience Workshop

  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Decrease physical, emotional and mental stress
  • Feel more connected to yourself and others
  • Contact Kristine, or call 631-632-8857

Our Stories, Our Time

  • Friday 2-3 pm, 12/10
  • CPO Office: SB Union Suite 108
  • Empowering and creative activity of retelling our stories of the past two years in a safe and supportive space
  • No registration required

Living Through

  • 11/5, 11/19, 12/3, 12/17-Fridays from 2-3 pm
  • CPO Office: SB Union Suite 108
  • A supportive space for students experiencing, grief, loss and healing
  • Connect with others in a safe, confidential space

Questions? Call us or e-mail