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Consultation and Outreach

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) coordinates mental health outreach programs designed to enhance personal growth, develop coping and interpersonal skills, develop a sense of community and an appreciation of differences, and aid cultural transitions.

Programs offered in the past have included stress management and mindfulness meditation techniques, assertiveness training, test anxiety management, study skills, procrastination reduction, anger management, healthy communication and relationship skills. We have offered a program called Let's Talk, which allows students to have pre-counseling chats in their communities, giving them the opportunity to experience speaking to a counselor and learn what might work for them. We also offer a  radio program called "Taking Care of Yourself," so feel free to tune in! 

Counseling and Psychological Services realizes the need to understand the diverse mix of cultural and social groups that make up the campus community. The Counseling Center works cooperatively with the following groups: Campus Residences, Undergraduate Colleges, EOP/AIM, Academic Advising, Commuter Student Affairs, the Center for Prevention and Outreach, International Student Services, and Disability Support Services. In addition, counselors consult with student clubs, such as fraternities, sororities, and cultural, advocacy, and religious groups on campus. Any University group may call CAPS to request an outreach program or presentation. 

For more information, or to discuss a program, contact the Assistant Director for Outreach and Community Based Interventions, Danielle Merolla, at (631) 632-6720 or through email at

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