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Academic Success Program

In the Stony Brook Athletic Bands Program, we take steps to ensure the success of every member. Even though the band's GPA is higher than the rest of the university (Fall, 2016), and band member's four year graduation rate is also higher that the rest of the university (Fall, 2016), we take very proactive steps to give all of our members the resources they need to remain academically successful throughout their time at Stony Brook.

Dr. Parks' doctorate is in education.  He is committed to ensuring that all members of the Spirit of Stony Brook thrive academically.  Dr. Parks is a certified Academic Counselor which grants him access to band members academic records.  All of the band 's leadership must maintain a certain GPA to remain eligible to participate on the leadership team. 

Band members are expected to:

  • Maintain a GPA of greater than 3.0.
  • Declare a major by the end of member's freshman year.
  • Graduate in four years.

The band maintains a very positive academic community.  Part of our mentor program (Seawolf/Seapup) pairs every new member with an upperclassman. This allows for a freshman's connections to grow before they step foot in thier first class. The band program also maintains a list of every band member who is a Teaching Assistant or tutor. Any band member can access this list to find another band member who can help them with coursework. 

Dr. Parks communicates the resources on campus that are available to help students receive the academic support they need  through through weekly email Band Blasts. These resources are also posted in the band room.  All of our student leaders are educated in how to help all of our members find the resources they need to stay academically successful.

Academics and on-time graduation are a priority for our program.



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