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Mission & Values


Our Purpose For Being  

The Office of Athletic Bands was founded to help promote a vibrant, spirited, and prideful Stony Brook University community through the establishment and entrenchment of deeply seeded campus traditions as performed at athletic events, major campus events, and university celebrations. We recognize and value, too, the unique and important role we play in connecting with the local and regional community and, as such, are committed to establishing partnerships and outreach efforts that promote and advance service to the community. 

We're making better students with our band, not a better band with our students.

Core Values & Guiding Principles
The Way We Do Business

Students at the Center
We deeply respect and value our students as learners and as individuals, remembering that they are the core of our community, the source of our inspiration. We fully look to help foster and support their own commitment to their personal, professional, and academic growth. 

Grounded in Community 
We respect and appreciate our individual differences and are bound together as a community by our shared set of purpose, interests, and principles, and in the understanding of the integral role we play within the university and local community in helping to foster a strong sense of pride, tradition, and enthusiasm for Stony Brook University.

Best in Class 
We unyieldingly pursue excellence with fortitude, creativity, and the courage to adapt to changing needs and conditions in order to move beyond the status quo. We aspire to be the best in all we do – as students, professionals, musicians, leaders, and involved community members. This is the core of our character.

Collaboration & Partnerships
We recognize the importance of individual and organizational partnerships and understand that excellence is most often the result of minds, hearts, and energy acting in synergy. We value our responsibility as a partner and commit to fulfilling our role with distinction. 

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