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SELO Supervisors

The Division of Student Affairs employs over 1000 students, making it one of the largest employers of students at the university. Our commitment to student employment is the result of our recognition of not only the financial gains, but the unique opportunities for the advancement of student learning and personal development that working on campus provides.

Over 100 supervisors of student employees actively mentor and assess the learning and development of their student staff through our Student Employee Learning Outcomes (SELO) initiative, which articulates assess students learning of key outcomes we hope all of our students will achieve through their experience.

Supervisors utilize SELO resources to identify for student employees the areas in which training and supervision will be addressed. Students are encouraged to assess their current competencies through discussion with the supervisor. Supervisors provide opportunities for training and development, either individually or in groups, to assist student employees as they aspire to build upon their accomplishments. The entire Division of Student Affairs have jointly implemented SELO utilizing shared learning outcomes to present a horizontal learning experience for student employees.

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