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Student Employee Learning Outcomes (SELO)

Employment on campus is an opportunity that is of great importance to many of our students. For some, it is a vital part of financing their education. For others, it is a way to gain valuable skills in areas that enhance their portfolio as they pursue opportunities beyond Stony Brook. Their contributions as staff members are important to us, and along with their commitment to serving other students through the work they do, we make a commitment to them as they develop their abilities and skills.

That commitment is demonstrated, in part, through the Student Employee Learning Outcomes (SELO) process. Along with assessing the performance of student employees, which occurs through a separate process, we have identified areas of learning that contribute to success in the workplace. These learning outcomes are grouped in domains (Knowledge of Human Cultures, Intellectual and Practical Skills, Personal and Social Responsibility, and Integrative Learning), and are supported by theory that helps to describe the growth and development that follows from gaining experience in these areas.

Supervisors utilize SELO resources to identify for student employees the areas in which training and supervision will be addressed. Students are encouraged to assess their current competencies through discussion with the supervisor. Supervisors provide opportunities for training and development, either individually or in groups, to assist student employees as they aspire to build upon their accomplishments. The entire Division of Student Affairs has jointly implemented SELO utilizing shared learning outcomes to present a valuable learning experience for student employees.

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