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Divisional Commitment

Stony Brook University’s commitment to assessment is reflected by its commitment to providing the necessary resources to assist in developing your assessment knowledge by offering professional development opportunities in the form of certificates, training sessions, round table discussions and online webinars. The Student Affairs Division is committed to continuous improvement efforts to develop, conduct, and maintain high quality assessment, evaluation, and policy relevant research projects. With an investment in productive staff and fiscal resources, the Office of Student Affairs and its assessment activities aims to support data-driven decision making and program improvement.

The overall aspiration of the Office of Student Affairs is to promote and support Stony Brook University’s mission and values by delivering exemplary programs, services, resources and facilities that have a measureable impact on the development and retention of students. In order to be strategic, it is crucial that decision-making be grounded in data that can lead to policy changes. Assessment is a priority for our Division and we will continue to provide the resources necessary to support our staff in their assessment work and formalize it into our culture to meet institutional, divisional, and departmental goals.

The Office of Student Affairs Assessment website will facilitate our abilities to measure student and professional development outcomes by:

  • Monitoring student usage of division programs, services and facilities.
  • Identifying needs of students, and satisfaction level with programs and services.
  • Determining educational outcomes associated with Student Affairs programs and services.

In essence, our assessment activities will provide evidence that will allow for checking the effectiveness of what we do and how we do it.

The evolving assessment process is on-going, inclusive, and responsive. The Office of Student Affairs Assessment website provides an assortment of resources and links, including foundational documents, an assessment wiki and instructional videos. Our partnership with Student Voice, a professional assessment consulting company, provides and additional layer of consulting, technology, and services to enhance assessment projects. Essential components are embedded in the website to create a one-stop resource for all of your assessment needs.


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