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Frequently Asked Questions

"What do I do if...."

....I want to refer a student to get extra help with course material
Stony Brook provides excellent resources for undergraduate students who may require extra academic support. You are encouraged to review the sites as follows to learn more about the services these offices provide for students and instructors alike.  

Academic Success and Tutoring Center
Additional Campus Tutoring Services
Residential Tutoring Center
Writing Center

....I have questions about the policy and the procedure regarding academic integrity?

Stony Brook takes intellectual honesty very seriously. Intellectual honesty is a cornerstone of all academic and scholarly work. Therefore, the faculty view any form of academic dishonesty as a very serious matter. The Academic Judiciary Committee (AJC) is responsible for the establishment of general guidelines for dealing with violations of academic integrity and for the consideration of individual complaints.  Further information regarding functions of the committees is available from the Division of Undergraduate Education in the College of Arts and Sciences. For CEAS guidelines, contact the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Undergraduate Student Office."

To obtain more information about Academic Integrity at Stony Brook, click here.

..... a student's writing is poor?
Let the student know every student can improve their writing skills and it is worth the effort.  The best resource is a referral to 
the Writing Center.  Students will receive assistance through one-on-one tutoring sessions from undergraduate and graduate writing tutors.  The Writing Center is located in Humanities 2009.
.....a student earned a poor midterm grade?
Invite the student to talk to you about the midterm results so s/he can improve for the next exam.  Encourage that student that learning is a process and s/he should not give up.  Meet with the student and discuss course content that seems to be confusing.
.....a student earned a poor midterm grade and conversations with me or my TA (if applicable) did not seem to clear up the confusion?
Let the student know that students learn in multiple ways and it can take several tries to figure out the best way to learn different types of material.  Refer the student to the Academic Success and Tutoring Center.  This Center offers individual and group tutoring, as well as academic coaching.  The Peer Academic Success Coach (PASC) Program helps students identify barriers to academic success and assists them in creating action plans for overcoming those challenges.  Some of these barriers include time management, test taking anxiety, and motivation.
....a student seems really upset and is having trouble responding to my questions or offer to help?
If you think a student is experiencing great distress and you feel your efforts are not helpful, let the student know you care and want to help him/her find support.  Ask the student if s/he has made a connection with an advisor.  If so, strongly encourage the student to see the advisor right away.  If not, introduce the idea of having the student talk to a staff member who works all the time with students feeling overwhelmed and upset. 

If you have the time, consider walking the student
to the Counseling and Psychological Services Center  for assistance and support.  Mention to the student that many students go to the counseling center for a large variety of reasons on a short-term basis.  Some of the issues discussed include discouragement about academics, feeling overwhelmed, loneliness, family concerns, and relationships.  If you don't have time, refer the student to the counseling center.  The counseling center is located at 1 Stadium Drive - in the same building as the Student Health Center.  The Center is typically open from 9-5 from Monday-Friday.  For assistance after hours, call 631-632-6720 and press 2. 
.... a student is asking general questions about courses and majors in other departments or about the DEC or SBC. Where can I send them?
...I suspect a student of cheating or plagiarism.
Please contact the Academic Integrity Office.
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