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Program Curriculum

For Students Admitted prior to Fall 2017

This degree program consists of 11 three-credit courses, distributed among the three areas listed below. All degree requirements must be completed within five (5) years from the semester date of admission as a matriculated student. Students are advised to print and keep this student advisement worksheet  for reference.

The MA in Liberal Studies program has recently been updated.  If you were admitted to the program prior to Fall 2017, you may still follow the new program, depending on your current progress.  For more information please read our Frequently Asked Questions about the program.  

1. Liberal Studies Core - 12 credits

Only courses designated as "Liberal Studies" core courses will apply toward fulfilling this requirement. Courses that have met the University's standards for the Liberal Studies core are coded in course descriptions with an AHLS, SBLS or NSLS.

  • 3 credits - Arts and Humanities Liberal Studies (AHLS)
  • 3 credits - Social and Behavioral Sciences Liberal Studies (SBLS)
  • 3 credits - Natural and Applied Sciences Liberal Studies (NSLS)
  • 3 credits - Any additional Liberal Studies course with an AH, SB or NS designator

There are no transfer credits or substitutions permitted for the Liberal Studies Core curriculum.

2. Thematically-Related Cluster - 18 credits

A cluster is a group of courses that represents a focused area of interest. Students are allowed considerable freedom and flexibility in designing their clusters, and may choose from most of the courses offered through SPD. (Teachers must read the Teacher Certification page prior to developing their clusters.)

Students may also choose to incorporate a 3- or 6-credit internship into their thematically related cluster. Visit the  Liberal Studies Internship information page for details and an application.

In addition, students may choose courses from one of Stony Brook's Advanced Graduate Certificate (AGC) programs to fulfill cluster requirements. A separate application is required; restrictions may apply. See a list of SPD's AGC programs on our Graduate Programs page.

Please Note: Supervised Student Teaching or Educational Leadership Internship credits are not valid to meet any Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree requirements. (Please see individual course descriptions on the SOLAR System, Course Catalog, School of Professional Development or Graduate School, as applicable.)

3. Project Seminar (CED 595) - 3 credits
The goal of the Project Seminar is to teach students to understand and conduct graduate-level research. Students will be guided in selecting a topic for their research paper. Methodology and resources will be reviewed as the student’s work is developed.
Prerequisites: Matriculation in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree program; completion of 24 graduate credits within the program
: There are no transfer credits or substitutions permitted for CED 595 Project Seminar. Students must earn a a minimum of a "B" grade in this course to fulfill the degree requirement.