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 Digital Badges

Digital badges are online credentials that demonstrate one's achievement of a particular skill or set of skills, and they are available in a variety of areas in education, business, industry, and academics. University badges may be displayed on online platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and any digital badge backpack, such as Mozilla Open Source. University Badges may also be listed on resumes and CVs.

Digital badges can also serve as steppingstones for more advanced credentials. The HRM offers two badges that can either be taken alone or as part of the Master of Science in Human Resource Management. 



Employee Relations Badge

To earn this badge, students must take the following three courses:

  • HRM 532 Foundations of Human Resources
  • HRM 533 Employee Relations and Labor Management
  • HRM 545 Employment Law and Policy


  Organizational Development Badge

  To earn this badge, students must complete the following:

Take both of these:

  • HRM 538 Organizational Development and Change Management
  • HRM 547 Organizational Performance Management

and one of the following:

  • HRM 541 Human Relations and Workforce Planning
  • HRM 537 Employee Learning & Professional/Career Development

Claiming Your Badge

Current HRM Students: After you have completed the required courses,   send us an email  to review your transcript after you have completed the last course. After confirming your completion, we will issue your badge.

New Students: If you are not yet a Stony Brook graduate student, you will need to apply  as a non-matriculated student and o btain permission to enroll in classes.


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