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Non-matriculated Student Information

If you want to apply to the program but have missed the application deadline, want to earn an HRM digital badgewithout applying to a degree or certificate program, or just want to try a course to see if you want to pursue further graduate study, then you may apply as a non-matriculated student.

Prospective students who have earned a bachelor's degree will submit an application, transcript (unofficial transcripts are permissable) and a statement of purpose explaining why they want to take a Human Resource Management course. Applicants should be specific in their statement about whether they plan to pursue a digital badge. Their applications will be reviewed and those students who are approved will be given access to enroll in one of the two foundational courses (HRM 532 Foundations of Human Resources or HRM 533 Employee Relations and Labor Management) or one of the digital badge courses, depending on their stated purpose.

Additional rules and guidelines apply for Stony Brook non-matriculated students. Visit the non-matriculated student application web page for details.

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