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Diane Weinstein

Dr. Dianne Weinstein is the President of an international assessment, coaching, and training organization that aligns professional performance with business objectives. She draws on a wealth of business experiences within global public and private companies, including service as Vice President - Human Resources, Chief Ethics Officer, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Consultant, and Change Agent. She designs and teaches both classroom and online courses at several major universities on a variety of topics, including Human Resources Management, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Change, Strategic Management, Performance Management, Coaching, Diversity, and Business Ethics.

Dr. Dianne Weinstein earned a Doctorate of Applied Organizational Psychology and an MBA from Hofstra University, a Bachelor of Arts in English from New York University, and certificates from various programs in Human Resources Management, Coaching, Distance and Hybrid Learning, Behavioral Analysis, Motivational Analysis, among others. Dr. Weinstein has authored numerous articles on contemporary topics and frequently presents at organizational and institutional conferences.

As an educator and senior-level business practitioner, Dr. Weinstein's favorite aspect of teaching is helping students apply course concepts to real-world business applications. Making this connection truly helps learners understand the value of their educational experiences.


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