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Supporting HEA

In 2011, the Higher Education Administration (HEA) Program started at Stony Brook University in the School of Professional Development, and since that time, we have continued to work together to make the HEA program one of the best in the country.  Achieving this goal takes a collective effort from our HEA students, faculty, alumni, SPD staff, student and academic affairs staffs, and supporters.

To date, more than 300 HEA students have graduated from Stony Brook, and we currently enroll approximately 225 students across our online and face-to-face programs.  Below are just a few HEA highlights:

  • Professor Elena Polenova received the 2017 HEA Faculty Excellence award based upon nominations from HEA students.
  • The annual HEA summer institute focused on critical issues facing higher education today; this summer, we focused on college student wellness.  
  • HEA will be hosting the 7th Annual Careers in Higher Education conference at Stony Brook, on November 3, 9:30am-3:30pm.
  • Dr. Frank Shih again took a group of HEA students to China providing an incredible international experience for all participants.
  • We continue to enroll very strong students from New York state, across the country, and in the last two years, internationally.
  • The HEA master's degree is now 36 credits and includes the "Diversity and Higher Education" course as a core requirement.
  • HEA offered, for the first time, winter session online courses for HEA students.
  • The Higher Education Administration Association (HEAA), led by a group of committed HEA students, has organized several meetings and hosted many successful events.
  • The HEA honor society, Chi Sigma Alpha, has been established at Stony Brook to support academic excellence and student recognition.

Many of you have offered practicum, graduate assistant, and job opportunities to our HEA students since the program's inception.  For any and all contributions of time and support you have given, THANK YOU!

We are continuing to raise money so that we can offer financial support to HEA students, with a focus on funds for professional development activities. Providing networking opportunities are critical for our students' career growth and development.  I have made a donation to this important endeavor, and I hope you will consider doing so as well.  To make a tax deductible donation of any amount -- $5, $10, $25, $50, or more, please click the button below

Give to HEA

Thank you for your consideration and support of HEA! 

Warm regards,
Rick Gatteau
HEA Faculty Director