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HEA summer institute

The Summer Institute Combines Face-to-Face and Online Learning with Networking and Social Activities

HEA 540 Critical Issues in Higher Education

This course is designed to acquaint students with critical/emerging issues in the field of higher education, with a focus on administration. This course asks students to explore, examine and discuss challenges and concerns facing the present and future of higher education. Using several pedagogical techniques, students will be challenged to analyze different topics toward a constructively critical perspective. This course is presented in a "think tank" format that will require students to share their thoughts and reflect on their experience. May be repeated 2 times for a maximum of 6 credits.

If you are a face-to-face or online student, this is your chance to be on Stony Brook’s campus for a full week in the summer. HEA 540 Critical Issues in Higher Education  will focus on a variety of timely topics and issues.  The course will include some online components in June and July, with the class meeting face-to-face on the Stony Brook West campus from 9 am – 5 pm (with occasional evening activities). 

Previous Topics have included:

Summer 2015 - Leadership in Higher Education
Summer 2016 - Challenges & Concerns in Higher Education
Summer 2017 - College Student Wellness

Summer 2018 - Institutional Strategic Planning in Higher Education
Dr. Shawn O' Riley

This blended course will examine the theory and practice of institutional planning in higher education.  Institutional planning is a critical task for university administrators at all levels and types of institutions. This course will use Anderes' Strategic Decision Making Model as a guide to understanding institutional planning.  The Strategic Decision Making model includes six components: strategic organizational thinking, information and data collection and analysis, future scanning, the strategic planning process, constituent transparency, and framing assessment of the plans.  Each component will be explored in depth through a series of readings, activities, discussions, case studies, and assessments.
The course is offered in a unique blended format mixing online instruction and an intensive, week long classroom experience.  The course will open on blackboard   Sunday, July 1st .  From then until   July 8th  students will be completing the majority of the course readings, participating in some online forums, and completing a short reflection paper.  Then, from   July 9th through the 13th , students will participate in a week of day long instructional sessions that feature discussions of the previous materials, guest speakers, case studies, and visits to Stony Brook offices and units integral to the planning process.  Students will be working in groups to create a strategic plan for their mock university.  Then the following week, students will continue the group work online and submit their final strategic plan online on   July 20th .  
Students will leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of the strategic planning process and purpose within the functions of a modern university administration.  


Housing Options

Stony Brook Residence Halls:
$81.40 nightly rate
Includes a single room with linens and toiletries
Registration and can be accessed here Higher Education Administration Program Summer Institute Registration Link

Hilton Garden Inn (located on the Stony Brook campus)
$229 per night (single or double occupancy)
Reservations can be made by going to the group page link and referencing the group code of HEAP   Reservations must be received prior to 12:00AM EST 06/01/2018.  


If you have any questions, please contact .



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