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Environmental Management

Advanced Graduate Certificate

The information contained on this page is for continuing students only. The program is not currently accepting applications for new students.

This 18-credit program is designed for professionals who confront the complex problems and issues related to environmental management. It provides the educational background necessary to make informed decisions on often controversial matters. This certificate is especially important for those who consider access to the most current expertise in environmental management essential to working effectively in their careers or public service activities. It is structured to meet the immediate demands for sustainable solutions and the more long-range goal of promoting the environmental and economic welfare of the region. The program is offered in collaboration with Stony Brook's world-renowned School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. This advanced graduate certificate articulates with the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies through SPD as well as the master's degree in Marine Environmental Sciences.

Course of Study

This certificate program consists of 6 three-credit courses, distributed among the areas listed below. Credit requirements are indicated for each area.


CEY 501/MAR 514 Environmental Management
CEY 503/MAR 536 Environmental Law and Regulations

AREA COURSES – 12 credits

Area C Courses A minimum of 3 credits must come from Area C:
CEY 507/MAR 521 Long Island's Groundwater (Spring only)*
CEY 512/MAR 512 Marine Pollution (Fall only)

Area D Courses
CEY 509/MAR 525 Environment and Public Health (Spring only)
CEY 594/EST 594 Diagnosis of Environmental Disputes (Fall only)

Other Courses —  These courses are occasionally scheduled:
CEB 505 History of Long Island Environment (Area C)
CEY 508 Living with Radiation (Area D)*
CEY 525 Ocean Stewardship: Global Science, Local Issues (Area D)*
EST 595 Principles of Environmental Systems Analysis (Area C)

*Courses with an asterisk are only offered online.


All certificate requirements must be completed within three (3) years from the semester date of admission as a matriculated student.

NOTE: When a student is admitted or readmitted to an SPD degree or certificate program, students may petition SPD to have Stony Brook University graduate level courses that are older than five (5) years, and no older than 10 years, individually evaluated by the appropriate academic department/faculty to determine if the credits may be applied toward current SPD degree/certificate requirements. Grades in such courses must be "B" or better. (B- grades are ineligible for review.) For transfer credits from external institutions, please see guidelines at: (PDF).


Admissions Information

This program is not currently accepting applications for admission.   

Contact Information

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Statement of Student Responsibility

Students  themselves are   responsible  for reviewing, understanding, and abiding by the University's regulations, procedures, requirements, and deadlines as described in the SPD Bulletin and all other official University publications and websites.