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About E-Learning at the School of Professional Development

The School of Professional Development has been a leader in delivering high-quality, online graduate programs since 1996. It's E-Learning staff provides consultation and support for all SPD instructors who wish to engage in online, web-enhanced or hybrid/blended educational models by providing training and assessment of technology and pedagogical approaches.

For Students

SPD creates programs to orient students to online learning, coordinates learner support resources, and works with various University offices to develop services for the online community. Students have access to a wealth of resources to help them throughout their studies, including student readiness  assessment , dedicated librarians who curate  research resources, and a robust portfolio of software and related IT services.

For Faculty

E-Learning staff work with faculty teaching in any modality (face-to-face, online or hybrid) to provide student-centered approaches to teaching using online technology.  Whether it is enhancing a face-to-face class with web-based content or utilizing innovative new technologies and approaches to engage learners in a fully online environment, our e-learning experts can assist faculty either with a one-on-one consultation or by offering specialized training. opportunities. 



The central charge of this area is to provide quality programs for online students and to enhance the learning experience for all students by implementing quality design standards as benchmarked by Quality Matters program and Open SUNY. To fulfill this charge, and to align with overarching University and SUNY initiatives, SPD has developed the following goals:

Goal 1: Continuous quality improvement for all e-learning offerings and programs within SPD.

Goal 2: Providing on-going training and orientation for faculty and students.

Goal 3: Support the growth of new programs and initiatives with program directors and administrators that take advantage of e-learning offerings.

Goal 4: Continuous professional development of the staff and faculty to improve teaching and learning.



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