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Digital Library

We are pleased to announce that the Educational Leadership Program at Stony Brook University has adopted the Digital Library from Pearson Education as a new delivery method for your textbooks and digital course materials! You will have access to all the books required for your courses, as well as access to all the Educational Leadership titles available through Pearson. This Digital Library will provide each student with a wealth of information that can be used throughout the program, including test prep. (A particular instructor may require a low-cost supplementary text.)

The Digital Library is customized to the Stony Brook Educational Leadership program and gives you access to all of the required and supplemental Pearson eTexts and MyEdLeadershipLab courses used across the program for a subscription price of $250 for the entire year, regardless of how many courses you take.  This option will save you hundreds of dollars over the course of your program. If you were to purchase all your books new, you would spend approximately $1270; if you were to purchase them all used, you would spend approximately $952.50.    

To Purchase a Subscription

  1. Go to the Vital Source website (which manages the distribution of Pearson titles).

  2. Add to Cart.

  3. Create an account and complete the payment.


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