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ESOL Cohort

This Advanced Graduate Certificate program will focus on methodologies designed to help teachers in their assessment of student learning so that they may distinguish between difficulties in comprehending content versus difficulties in mastering the academic language demand. This is a perspective unique to the ESOL/Bilingual Education disciplines one which, arguably, all content area teachers would benefit from learning about. There will be multiple sources of student learning data to inform instruction. Candidates will learn about differentiated instruction based on needs, learning styles and cultural differences of their students.

More specifically, grant participants will:

  1. Develop multiple teaching strategies for increase comprehensible input on the part of English Language Learners
  2. Diagnose district test data so as to inform the curriculum
  3. Integrate technology on many levels, such as: web site identification, free subscription applications, collaborative tools, iPads and tools to facilitate communication with parents

Program Requirements 

16 credits (5 courses)
  • LIN 502: Methods I: Foundation of ESOL Pedagogy  (3 credits)
  • LIN 503: Methods II: Language and Literacy through Content Areas  (3 credits)
  • LIN 504: Introduction to Teaching Linguistic and Literacy Skills to English Language Learners  (3 credits)
  • LIN 505: Structure of English Grammar for Teachers
  • LIN 544: Literacy in the Content Areas (3 credits)
  • LIN 581 or LIN 582: Student Teaching (Dependent on Placement) (1 credit)

    TESOL teacher candidates receive supervised practice teaching by arrangement with selected schools across the region. The student teacher reports to the school to which he or she is assigned.

Review  course descriptions.

In addition, grant participants will agree to have at least one lesson videotaped. The uses of these videos are two-fold: (1) These videos will be used as instructional material to be peer reviewed by participants within the core classes and (2) the videos will provide a source of material for mentors to review together and strategize what would be appropriate feedback reflective of NYS Mentoring Standards. A unique Blackboard site will be established by Stony Brook for this group. Online discussions regarding the videos housed on the site will be conducted.