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All images courtesy of Lester Lefkowitz.

A professional photographer ( National Geographic , Time ) shows you how to set up great shots, tweak them for maximum effect, get them organized, and share them with the world. Take any single course that fits your skill level— or take all three and earn a digital badge.


About the Instructor

Lester Lefkowitz has been a professional photographer and teacher for over thirty years.  His work has appeared in National Geographic, The New York Times, TimeMagazine, and hundreds of other U.S. and international publications.  Lester has created images for Microsoft, General Electric, IBM, General Motors, Citibank, Johnson & Johnson and many other Fortune500® companies.  He has photographed in all fifty states, sixteen countries and Antarctica.  Lester is an engaging, enthusiastic teacher, and has taught scores of workshops at the International Center of Photography in New York City, lectured to numerous professional organizations, and annually teaches workshop in Italy.  He is also the author of three books on photography, established the undergraduate art photography program in Stony Brook’s early years, and holds a master’s degree in optical engineering.

Digital Badges

Digital badges are online credentials that demonstrate one's achievement of a particular skill or set of skills, and they are available in a variety of areas in education, business, industry, and academics. University badges may be displayed on online platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and any digital badge backpack, such as Mozilla Open Source. University Badges may also be listed on resumes and CVs. ontent. Isn't this nice! 

The Photography Essentials Badge can be earned after taking all three photography courses, How to Use Your Digital SLR or Mirrorless Camera, Exposure, Light and Composition for the Novice, and Digital Photography: After the Shoot, What Next? 



Photography Essentials
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