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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn a University Badge through SPD?
What are the grade requirements for badges?
Are University Badges secure and credible?
What areas are badges available in?
Is there a special badge fee? Do badges require me to pay tuition?
Who may earn a badge?
May I earn a badge while I’m in an AGC or master’s degree program?
If I take a badge now, can those courses be used toward another badge, an AGC or a master’s degree in the future?
May I use the same course toward more than one badge?
If I have already taken the courses for a badge, may I apply them toward a badge now?
How many University Badges may I earn?
May I apply courses from other universities or colleges to an SPD University Badge?
Do I require any special consent to take courses toward a badge?
What if I have more questions?


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