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SPD Curriculum Committee

The mission of the School of Professional Development's Curriculum Committee is to provide academic guidance to the SPD graduate programs and to develop curricula that meet the standards set forth by the University's five-part mission: "To provide comprehensive [undergraduate], graduate and professional education of the highest quality and to carry out research and intellectual endeavors of the highest international standards that advance theoretical knowledge and are of immediate and long-range practical significance."

Committee Membership

The committee comprises faculty and professional staff from across campus and is currently seeking additional members (including SPD students). 

Voting Members

  • Susan Ryan, Committee Chair, Coaching and Leadership, School of Professional Development
  • Peter Pece, SPD Faculty
  • Henry Bokuniewicz, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
  • John Coverdale, Human Resource Management Faculty Director
  • Richard Gatteau, HEA Faculty Director
  • Lauren Kaushansky, D-TALE, Core Faculty
  • Rob Kelly, Computer Science Faculty
  • Linda Padwa, Chemistry & D-TALE Faculty
  • Elisa Scott, Liberal Studies Faculty Director
  • Annette Shideler, D-TALE Faculty, Humanities/TESOL
  • Lauren Donovan, Higher Education Administration Student
  • Jonathan Sokolov, Materials Science Faculty
  • Arleen Steckel, Nursing Faculty (Retired)/Graduate Council Liaison
  • Chris Kretz, Head of Southampton Library

Non-Voting Members (School of Professional Development Administration)

  • Kristy Bunton,  Committee Recorder 
  • Craig Markson, Assistant Dean, SUTRA (Contract Programs) 

Committee Consultants (non-members, non-voting).  The following School of Professional Development staff are required to attend only when their specific areas are discussed.

  • Kim Giacalone, Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Carolyn Jankowski, Assistant Dean, Human Services Programs
  • Lori Lyons, Director, Records and Admissions
  • Amy Margolies, Assistant Director, Career Development Programs
  • Tiffanie Vlack, Coordinator, Curriculum and Academic Planning
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