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YouTube Boot Camp:

Telling Your Story in the Digital Landscape

youtube boot campJoin us this summer to create compelling visual stories about the issues that matter to you: whether to raise awareness and/or incite cultural change, here is your chance to explore the themes that matter to you and share your message with the world!
In an engaging, online format, you will join a community of like-minded individuals who want to use the power of visual storytelling to share their ideas and stories with the world. Whether addressing an injustice in your school or neighborhood, organizing people who are passionate about a social issue, or crafting a personal narrative about an issue close to your heart, there’s no better time than now to being making change.

THURSDAY: DAY ONE, 10am – 3pm
Finding your story
Developing your content
Informing your outlook
Exploring different forms

FRIDAY: DAY TWO, 10am -3pm
Creating a YouTube channel
YouTube etiquette
Recognizing brands and influencers
Understanding the elements of visual storytelling: narrative, lighting, color, editing
Shooting your video!
Developing a call to action
Contests and collaborations
Engaging with your audience
Sharing our videos!
Open to anyone, 15 years and older, who has something to say and wants to explore digital ways to say it! 

Cost $295

Partial scholarships available. All Workshops conducted via Zoom.

Summer Session is postponed - Look for us in the Fall! Dates TBA.

For more information about YouTube Boot Camp, contact Karen Offitzer at Or call 917-297-2947.

Your Guides:

Talisa Chang

talisa changTalisa Chang is a South African-born Chinese American who is currently pursuing an MFA in Film and TV Writing at Stony Brook University. She has worked as a reporter, copywriter, user experience designer, and podcast audience manager, and is always looking for new ways to encourage civic engagement and participation.

Kate Levitt

kate levittKate Levitt is a writer and musician from Brooklyn, NY. A serial prankster, Kate’s been involved with a handful of viral hoaxes, including faking a case to get on Judge Judy, and creating a joke vape juice company that was picked up by Fact Magazine and Brooklyn Magazine. Kate’s currently a ghostwriter for a social media influencer with over 600,000 followers, and a reader for Meryl Streep’s Screenwriting Lab. Her scripted pilot, Living, was a finalist in the Atlanta Film Festival and was awarded Showtime’s Tony Cox award. Kate’s music projects have been profiled in Vogue Italia, The Village Voice and on NPR.