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You may have heard that anyone can have a podcast, and although that is technically true, not everyone should.

What this class provides is the space where smart and creative individuals with great project ideas can learn how to best engage with an audience through this audio format  - in a way that is authentic, effective, entertaining and worthwhile.

Speaking to them completely energized me and I left excited to hear the audio masterpieces they are working on and look forward to what they are planning to create in the near future.

These are the people who should have a podcast.

Ophira Eisenberg, Host of Ask Me Another, stand-up performer and writer

I had a blast speaking to the podcasting students at Stony Brook. They were engaged and alert. It was such a pleasure speaking in front of them. They asked deep, intelligent questions.

Podcasting and audio in general is having a huge renaissance. One of the things that makes it special is that it's so accessible. Anyone can get in the game if they have some basic skills and knowledge. The new voices and perspectives that this movement is making space for are wildly important.

If we want to help elevated previously unheard voice and perspectives it's critical that those of us lucky enough to have some experience in this area be willing to take the time out to teach the next generation of producers.

Catherine Burns, Artistic Director, The Moth

The Audio Podcast Fellows was an immersive, hands-on experience that covered all the required elements of podcasting from the essentials to the specifics that are essential elements of podcasting.
One of the highlights were the guest speakers that were all relevant in today’s podcast landscape spanning from hosting, writing and producing a podcast. Guests included top hosts, producers and writers from NPR, The Moth, Gimlet…
Kathie and Tony’s mission to ensure a comprehensive education in all areas including Storytelling and interviewing instruction to the technical aspects (recording and editing), to site hosting and social media and graphics.
They’re hands-on approach is helpful in supporting each student’s different needs in all stages of the process.

Bridget O’Neill, fellow

The Stony Brook Audio Podcasting Fellows is an amazing opportunity to work on your podcasting skills no matter your background. The program can help you refine skills you already have or it can be the platform upon which you launch your podcasting career. The professors are amazing, and the guest speakers are leaders in the podcasting world. 10/10 would recommend!

Netanel Levitt, fellow