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Audio Podcast Fellows Faculty

Kathleen Russo, Co-Director

Producer Kathleen Russo is the Director of the Audio Podcast Fellows Program at Stony Brook Southampton. She curates the Writer Speaks Wednesday Series and special events for the Summer Writers Conference at Stony Brook.

In addition, she produces the podcast/radio show  Here’s The Thing with  Alec Baldwin (WNYC production).  She has been a contributor to  The Moth and This American Life.

Past producing credits include: two movies with Academy Award-winning director  Steven Soderbergh ( Gray’s Anatomy, And Everything Is Going Fine) and an Obie Award-winning play called  Spalding Gray: Stories Left To Tell.

Tony Dec, Co-Director

Tony Dec is the Director of the Audio Podcast Fellows Program at Stony Brook Southampton. A content strategist, consultant and sound producer, he has created podcasting, audio and video ​for mobile on-demand, web/streaming, and radio (satellite, public, commercial).

He created and launched  Bloomberg News's podcasting startup, as well as having curated content and produced programming for Bloomberg's many media properties. Tony was the principal editor for the  Peabody Award-winning documentary "Leonard Bernstein: An American Life"; a producer at  Sirius and Sony; and has produced audio content for  Time and  Conde Nast magazines.
As an adjunct professor at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism for six years, Tony’s affiliations have included the  Carnegie Council for Ethics in International AffairsAlfred I. Dupont-Columbia University Awards; and  AIR/Association of Independents in Radio & Digital Media.

Robert Reeves
Jordan Roberts
Steve Hamilton


Meg Wolitzer
Ron Charles
Joe Berlinger
Billy Collins
Emma Walton Hamilton
Roger Rosenblatt
Alec Sokolov

Guest faculty:

Emily Botein (Editor, WNYC)
Victoria Lang (FOUND)
Julie Subrin (PRODUCER)
Ophira Eisenberg (ASK ME ANOTHER)
Catherine Burns (THE MOTH)
Wendy Dorr (PRODUCER)

And members from WNYC, GIMLET, WPRX, Podcast One, EARWOLF/STITCHER, HERE’S THE THING, and more to be announced!



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