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The programs at Southampton Arts were built by these.

Those writers, directors, actors, filmmakers, poets, printmakers and playwrights who find their way to our campus—be they students, audience, faculty, or visitors—come laden with an abundance of gifts. But money is not always one of them.


make a gift Here are five ways you can help the dreamers at the heart of Southampton Arts:

1. Join the effort to renovate the David Rakoff Studio Theatre, named after our beloved faculty member.

tsr logo2. Become a Friend of TSR: The Southampton Review , our world-class literary journal.

3. Nurture the next generation of talent through YAWP, the Young Artists and Writers Program.

4. Reward outstanding work with a creative writing or theater prize.

5. Send someone to the Hamptons to make a short film.


Or talk it over with Steve Hamilton: