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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this a free or subsidized Fellowship?
What is the cost of the Program?
Is there any financial aid or tuition assistance available?
I understand that there is no funding directly available for this program and the suggestion is to look for more general scholarships or grants, or to try crowdsourcing. Would I need to have funding secured BEFORE applying, or is this something that I would do if and when accepted onto the program?
May I use a UUP tuition waiver if I work for a SUNY faculty?
Must I pay the tuition fees in full up front, or are there payment plan options?
How many Fellows participate each year?
Is the program open to international students?
May I write a book in a language other than English?
How does the year work?
What does the schedule look like?
I work a full time job. What are the hours I would need to commit, and are there specific times I would need to be available?
Does the program encompass non-fiction?
Who are the mentors, and how are they assigned?
Is there an opportunity to clarify book ideas with our mentor in the initial stages of the program, or is it more of a "hit the ground running with material written prior to program enrollment" type of role?
How many pages or how much material may I submit each month? And are the assignments any more specific than writing/submitting pages from a novel or a draft of a picture book?
Will any of my mentors read my entire manuscript from start to finish?
How does the 5-day Summer Conference in July work?
How does the January Publishing Conference work? Will I be meeting with people individually, or as a group with other fellows? Will I have the chance to meet agents, or editors who publish the same genre I am trying to publish in?
I already have a literary agent. Will the January Publishing Conference still be of value for me?
What kind of writing sample should I include with my application?
What should I say in my statement of purpose?
What would you like to see in my resume? For instance, I have extensive experience in a field not related to writing - should I include that?
If I apply for the 16-Credit Graduate Certificate, will you accept copies of transcripts rather than official ones?
From whom should I seek recommendations, and what should they say?
When are admissions announcements made?
I see that the Graduate Certificate application portal is closed during July and part of August. Is there anything I can/should do during those months to begin the application process?
How are the 16 credits in the Graduate Certificate option distributed across the year?
Are the credits transferable to a Master’s program?
What are the differences between the non-credit and Graduate Certificate options?
If the cost is almost the same for the Graduate Certificate and the non-credit option in-state, is there an advantage to obtaining the certificate?
How can I tell if this program is right for me?
What are the main differences between this certificate program and an MFA, such as is offered by Vermont College of Fine Arts?
If the credits for this program do not transfer, what makes it different from other Advanced Graduate Certificate programs? What is the benefit to taking this course for credit?
Roughly how many applications do you receive per year for this program?
I have additional questions that are not answered here - what should I do?