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One Novel.

One Mentor.

One Life-Changing Year.


How it Works:

  • A BookEnds fellow learns how to revise and edit using a combination of interrogatory techniques designed to help dissect a manuscript’s structure in search of opportunities and weaknesses, as well as to track the way character arcs unfold individually and in tandem.
  • In a given year there will be either three or four “pods” of BookEnds fellows, each composed of three carefully-matched students. Students are accepted in groups of three, so a BookEnds offer means that you have already been matched in a pod grouping.  Commitment to this pod group, and the three manuscripts your pod will share, is essential to the success of the BookEnds year.
  • The mentorship relationship with an established author takes place alongside pod activities and activities shared by the entire fellowship. Mentors are assigned in December of the fellowship year. Work with a mentor is the primary focus of the second half of the BookEnds program.
  • At the end of the BookEnds year, fellows return to campus for a public reading and graduation dinner, as well as to spend an hour one-on-one with a seasoned literary agent who will have already read their work. We want to stress that this is neither a pitch session nor a guaranteed step toward agent representation; rather, it is a valuable opportunity to have an industry expert offer an opinion about a manuscript in terms of its potential in the marketplace, and provide advice about revisions that might still be in order.
  • While our program focuses on helping participants finish or polish their novels by the end of the year, every successful writer knows that each novel has its own path to completion, and that sometimes those paths take surprising turns that require more time. At BookEnds we provide you with the tools and support to do the deepest level of revisions you are capable of tackling. In any case,  your book—and, in some ways, we hope,  you—will be transformed by the BookEnds year.
  • This is a young program. We are in the second half of our second fellowship year (2019). As of April 2019, two BookEnds fellows have already sold their novels to major publishing houses. While of course we make no promises about the future of an individual manuscript, we believe that the unique BookEnds methodology will forever alter the way you approach your writing.