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Kevin Reed Joins National Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate

Kevin reed 2023
Professor Kevin Reed was appointed to the National Academies’ Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate. Photo by John Griffin.

Stony Brook University Associate Provost for Climate and Sustainability Programming Kevin Reed has been appointed to the National Academies’ Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASC).

Reed was recently named interim director of Academic, Research and Commercialization Programs for The New York Climate Exchange and is a professor at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS).

In addition to providing strategic guidance for The Exchange, an international hub of climate experts and next-generation scientists pioneering solutions to the global climate crisis, Reed leads the Climate Extremes Modeling (CEM) Group at Stony Brook, which he founded. The CEM Group investigates extreme weather events and how they may change in behavior and frequency as climate conditions progress. This research has practical applications to policies and procedures surrounding climate change adaptation and disaster preparedness.

Now as a member of BASC, which is trusted to review and advise US activities related to weather and climate issues, Reed will work to further contribute to the international climate change community, serving a three-year term.

“BASC plays an important role in advising federal agencies, e.g., the National Science Foundation, on critical scientific needs and issues that require improved capabilities and understanding about challenges such as climate, extreme weather, and air quality,” said Paul Shepson, dean of SoMAS. “The studies that are commissioned and supported by BASC are widely cited and respected by the broader community. We are very pleased that Professor Reed has been called on to serve in this capacity, and I am certain that he will contribute greatly, and represent Stony Brook very well.”

“As the impacts of climate change become more and more apparent in our day-to-day lives, it is as crucial as ever for our research and applications communities to strive to better understand climate effects now and in the future,” said Reed. “As an international voice for climate science, BASC plays a key role in informing these advances. I am honored to serve in this role on BASC and to represent Stony Brook’s growing international leadership in the areas of climate and sustainability.”

Prior to working at Stony Brook, Reed was a postdoctoral research fellow in the Advanced Study Program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. He also served as a science policy advisor in the US Senate through the American Geophysical Union Congressional Science Fellowship. He holds a PhD and a master’s degree in atmospheric science from the University of Michigan.

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