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Arlene Cassidy


Faculty Director, Sustainability Studies



- Walden University

Research Topics:


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    Arlene Kons Cassidy received her bachelor’s degree in Applied and Theoretical Mathematics and a master’s degree in Economics from Stony Brook. She completed her Ph.D. in Administration/Management with a concentration in Economics and Mathematics at Walden University. Dr. Cassidy has several years’ experience teaching a variety of economics, mathematics and business courses for undergraduate as well as graduate students. She has experience mentoring Ph.D. students and has worked as a consultant in varied research design and statistical analysis projects. She has also served on several committees involving academic evaluation and program development, organized and chaired student activities and worked with student advisement.

    Dr. Cassidy’s interest are related to Environmental Economics and examining the costs and benefits from externalities resulting from the production and consumption systems. Residuals from economic activity depend on several factors relating to population demographics, social awareness, ecological and geological factors as well as the political decision processes. Her research includes examining these factors that contribute to degradation of environmental quality, as well as, examining equity issues or how environmental degradation is distributed among the population. Her teaching incorporates the traditional process of production, consumption and distribution with the addition of how these systems effect sustainability of the world’s resources. She believes a system approach to the problems of residuals from economic activity should incorporate several fields of study and collaborates with other faculty members to formulate new interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary environmental quality issues.

    As Faculty Director of Sustainability Studies, Dr. Cassidy advises students, develops internship and research opportunities, and forms collaborative relationships with the community. She serves as a faculty facilitator for undergraduate student research and Internships for Sustainability Studies students.

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