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Arjun Venkatesan

Research Associate Professor

Associate Director for Drinking Water Initiatives, Center for Clean Water Technology

Adjunct Professor, Department of Civil Engineering



- Arizona State University

Research Topics:

contaminants of emerging concern, water treatment, environmental analytical chemistry, wastewater-based epidemiology

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    Dr. Venkatesan’s research focuses on studying the fate, transport and treatment of emerging contaminants in the natural and built environment. Dr. Venkatesan is currently leading a pilot program at the Center for Clean Water Technology to test and evaluate advanced/alternative water treatment technologies to remove contaminants of emerging concern in drinking waters. The goal of this program is to develop and commercialize affordable, high performance water quality protection and restoration technologies that are suitable for widespread deployment. His other research interests include:

    • formation of disinfection by-products during water and wastewater treatment
    • wastewater-based epidemiology for public health monitoring
    • characterization of organic phosphorus in natural waters and wastewaters
    • occurrence and characterization of engineered-nanomaterials in the environment

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