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This historic and transformative $150 million investment by Drs. Jim and Marilyn Simons and the Simons Foundation will enable scientists and physicians working side by side to address the most critical health care challenges of our time. This gift will also strengthen the University’s ability to attract and retain the most exceptional scholars and researchers and the best and brightest students campuswide.


Commitment to Medical Leadership $100 million
Medical and Research Translation Building $50 million
Medical Faculty Positions $28 million
Clinical Director Positions $16 million
Graduate Fellows in Medicine $6 million


A Dedication to Academic Excellence Challenge Grant $50 million
New Endowed Professorships $12,038,700
Academic Program Endowments $34,722,589
Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships $3,008,881
First-Time Alumni Donor Matching Program $229,830


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Stony Brook is an outstanding public university, offering a wonderful education at reasonable cost to thousands of young people. The generosity of those who joined us in this effort will enhance the University in many dimensions, making that education more valuable still.

—Jim Simons

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