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How to Apply

Important Dates:

January 18 – postmark deadline for Simons application materials

April 1 – notification date

Guide to applying:

1. Interested applicants should seek nomination from their high school (*Limit of 3 nominees per school).The school nominator /official (typically a science research coordinator/director, or guidance counselor or other appropriate contact in the high school) may have additional guidelines/processes for selecting up to 3 Nominees from the school.

2. Nominees should complete Part 1 (online form) and Part 2 (attachment). Part 2 of the application (please include name/school in upper right corner) should be submitted by the applicant to the appropriate nominator/school official (both paper/ file formats (PDF/Word) recommended). Students should also request (and follow-up to ensure) that their letters of reference (confidential) be provided to the School Nominator for inclusion with the application package. PLEASE NO STAPLES!

3. The school representative is responsible for completing the  Nomination form (required)*, and for sending the nomination form along with the student’s application package [application part 2 essay supplement*; reference letters (two required)*, together with an official school transcript] by the application deadline (January 18th) to: Simons Summer Research Program, Stony Brook University, Melville Library N-3071, Stony Brook, New York 11794-3357
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*Application documents may be submitted as word/pdf files directly to Simons Program by the School Official. The School Nominator/Official is encouraged to contact Simons Program staff for details on obtaining secure link for uploading pdf/Word files.

If submitting by regular post/delivery service, schools nominating more than one student should submit all eligible applications in one package (if possible), together with the transcript(s) and nomination form, by the due date to the address above.

 *Note: Letters of reference from current SB faculty may be emailed directly to

Transcripts & Updates

We welcome updates to your application; please email the Simons program with any updates/additional information (including confirmation of acceptance in a particular research laboratory).

*Also, if the official transcript submitted with your application does not contain grades for fall 2016, please follow-up with an updated transcript as soon as available.
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