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How to Give–FSA Employees

All members of the Stony Brook University campus community can download a copy of the FSA/SEFA form in Adobe pdf format.

Please note the campaign runs on a yearly basis, and donations need to be renewed every campaign. FSA employees cannot give online and can only donate via paper pledge.

Below are instructions for completing the pledge form and methods of giving to SB Cares.

Part 1: Please provide your name, department, and zip+4. Note: the state employee designation has already been checked for you.

Part 2: You will not be required to provide a line number. Please provide the following information: your full name; Stony Brook ID; choose from among the three contribution options available; and provide required contribution information with your signature, if applicable.

Part 3: Please designate the agency/agencies to which your contribution should be donated. If you would like to be thanked for your gift by the agency you are donating to, please print your address on the bottom of the pledge form. You can search online for the charity of your choice.

All pledge forms should be returned to:
Nicole Pecchillo
390  Administration Building, Z=0751

Please call (631) 632-6163 with questions regarding this year's campaign or for assistance in completing the pledge form. Please note that this year's campaign runs from September 1 through December 31, 2019.

Thank you for your support in helping our Long Island neighbors and people in need around the world through your contributions to the Stony Brook Cares campaign. 

It is up to you. You can make the difference! Give because you care.